First Draft

It was never meant to get this far.

Carson insisted that the story, as recounted in his 1996 autobiography “Gifted Hands,” was accurate.

“What about the West Point thing is false? What is false about it?” he asked, according to the AP. “I think it is perfectly clear. I think there are people who want to make it into a mistake. I’m not going to say it is a mistake, so forget about it. »

The GOP frontrunner pointed to the passage of time to explain why he couldn’t recall who had offered him the scholarship.

« It’s almost 50 years ago. I bet you don’t remember all the people you talked to 50 years ago, » the AP quoted him as saying.

Known for his calm demeanor, Carson appeared unusually agitated during the press conference, accusing the press of engaging in a “witch hunt” to tarnish his reputation.

All through the last…

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